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Growing up in the south of France, I have been influenced by Mediterranean cooking combined with my Italian and Moroccan family roots. Our holiday tables were usually set for no less than 30 people; the abundance of dishes, colors, smells are still vivid in my mind. The endless hours spent in the kitchen watching my family create spectacular feasts are memories that I will always cherish.    


Over the last century, food and lifestyle have changed dramatically and have greatly affected our daily habits; both in the kitchen and around the family table. In my 20s, I moved to New York and later to Los Angeles, and discovered a world where people's kitchens were rarely used due to their incredibly busy lifestyle. People take less time to prepare family meals, often ordering take-out food made with processed ingredients and very little nutrients.    

As a working mom and senior-level executive, I have been juggling board meetings, sales meetings and managing teams for the past 15 years. Balancing a high-pressure job and family life can often be challenging and requires extreme multi-tasking and creativity in the kitchen.


I wanted to solve a daily problem for busy families and share my take on creating daily meals with no shopping, no prepping, no washing, and no mess; all while keeping meals healthy, nutritious and delicious. I spent years re-inventing my childhood gourmet recipes with a Californian twist and creating shortcuts to simplify them so that everyone can enjoy a delicious meal on the table everyday.  Food that tastes great, looks great, feels great and is easy to cook.    


I hope my meals will influence you and your journey into modern cooking.  

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Marielle Zuccarelli
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