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Simple. Elegant.  Delicious.  Restaurant quality food in the comfort of your home. Not reheated but ready to pop in the oven. Easy to execute without any fuss.  The work is done for you. No slicing, peeling or even shopping - delivered to your door.  Fresh ingredients and Insanely delicious, YUM. Highly recommend!!!

JL, Brentwood

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Calling all families- I can't say enough about this amazing gourmet meal prep delivery service in Los Angeles. Totally in a class of its own, Marielle delivers easy to prepare high-quality meals that come prepped and ready to be cooked. For a very busy working family to come home at the end of the day and have the ability to serve my family a high-quality meal in very little time is amazing!!  I can't say enough about this business. And she's totally accessible and knowledgeable about nutrition and variations in eating styles. I highly recommend it.

Lisa A., Marina Del Rey 

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I have used Marielle’s service, Creation Du Jour, for months. The Process is easy and the food is incredible. I don’t have to worry about shopping, prepping or deciding what to cook every evening.

I just pick the meals from Marielle’s menu for the week. Marielle delivers the food in packages that you throw in the oven if they need to be heated and packaged salads with the exact dressing.

The food is healthy, farm to table, Best quality meats and fish. Our family had enjoyed sitting down together at a dinner table with the most presentable dishes. It has saved so much of my time and helped us focus on eating healthy and delicious meals. My favorites are the steak meals, roasted chicken, the salmon, the chicken curry and every salad and every vegetable. It’s the best food ever and has bought our family closer.

Thank you so much, Marielle, for your outstanding service.

Irene Ibrahim, Santa Monica

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Wow, this is seriously the best food service ever. Fresh, organic, healthy..etc.  It feels super fancy, but is sooo easy!  Better than restaurant quality, and Marielle is amazing to deal with.

Alan Levy, Santa Monica

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Delicious, gourmet, healthy, and by far the best meal prep/delivery service!  Marielle uses only the highest quality and freshest ingredients and preps everything to perfection.  It is so easy - just have to place the main dish  in the oven and sometimes boil water for a side.  What comes out of the oven is the most beautiful, well presented meal that tastes like the finest restaurant would serve right in your home.   My family can't wait to come home to see what is for dinner... and have I mentioned that Marielle can cater to whatever needs you have... gluten free, dairy free, vegan, etc.  We are so lucky to have found Creation du Jour!!!!

Cheryl Arzewski, Brentwood

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Dinner was amazing, everything was delicious and the process was sooo easy. The meatloaf was literally the best I have had. My son even ate it and the rice with no mushrooms. The portions are perfect!

Lesa Rosentreter, Brentwood

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The video tutorials are amazing so simple yet creative and delicious!! It's basically Jean-Georges for dummies, love it. I did the chocolate souffle, absolutely amazing, I also did the zucchini ravioli, such an easy and impressive dish! I use Raos Marinara, just awesome!!

Anne Seban, New York, NY

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Watched the Roasted Chicken video and gave it a whirl... and it turned out insanely delicious. Never would have thought I can cook this. But it was super easy. My kid loved it.  Can't wait to try the others...

Josh Preston, Santa Clarita

BRILLIANT and DUMMY PROOF! I run my own business and have little or no time to make a nice dinner, let alone something special. I usually do take out, but that has its limitations and drawbacks. After some poking around, a friend told me about Creation Du Jour, and it has been quietly spectacular addition to my gastronomic life. How is Creation Du Jour unlike those other well known food kit delivery companies i've tried? 1) it's pretty much dummy proof - you basically cook the food that's been prepared 2) highly personalized food and service - YOU order what you want depending on your dietary needs and taste wants. The owner/chef, Marielle, is super professional, responsive, and gifted in all matters culinary 3) The meals are delicious because Marielle uses high quality, organic ingredients - your taste buds will celebrate and your body will thank you.

D Leib, Beverly Hills

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MARCH 11, 2020

Meet Marielle Zuccarelli Levine of Creation Du Jour



Today we’d like to introduce you to Marielle Zuccarelli Levine.

Creation Du Jour Marielle Zuccarelli Levine

Image Credit:
Marti Alonzo

Creation Du Jour Marielle Zuccarelli Levine
Creation Du Jour Marielle Zuccarelli Levine
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